On the edge

Life can prevail in the unlikeliest of places. This tree lives on the edge, literally, at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

Bryce Canyon National Park

9 thoughts

  1. Bryce Canyon is one of my favorite places to visit, the others being Zion National Park and Arches National Park. I love the whole four corners area—so beautiful, so stark, so seemingly lifeless, but there is life there to those who look. Sedona is also a favorite place. When the sun goes down, the uprisings just light up with a variety of rich reds which cannot adequately be described, but has to be seen to fully appreciate it. Thanks for sharing and being a reminder of what I once enjoyed when I once lived in Utah. Nothing anywhere approaching those kinds of scenery in Missouri. :) I’ve got to get back there. Maybe this summer? Perhaps if I can get a car with less the 416,000 miles on it. I’m not sure I’d be willing to drive that far with my current transportation. :)

    Meanwhile, come check out my Crossed Wires Juxtaposition:
    http://fstopfantasy.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/weekly-photo-challenge-juxtoposition-crossed-wires/ :)

    • Thanks for the comment Cris!

      Sedona is actually my favourite place on earth (so far). Last summer I did a 6,000 km road trip from Edmonton AB, Canada to Sedona, AZ! It was absolutely phenomenal. So different from our Canadian landscape. We drove through Montana, Utah, Idaho and Arizona – stopped at Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon along the way.

      I hope you do get to visit this summer, I cannot wait to go back myself.


      • When I was in Sedona one evening, during the sunset, the surrounding mountains turned the riches red I have ever seen. Being stupid as I was at the time, I just had to find a better place to photography the scene, but by the time I found one, the effect was gone. I’ll never do that again. LOL

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