Autumn is upon us and that means it’s squash season!

This week’s topic was a challenge as I try not to get too possessive over anything – but this squash recipe is something I came up with and would love to share.

Squash Recipe

First off – don’t waste the delicious skin! Yes it’s true, not only is squash skin unbelievably tasty, it’s loaded with antioxidants. I promise, it will soften up once baked. It is the key to this recipe.

-Cut up squash into wedges

-Place on pan with tin foil

-Drizzle a tad of butter over it all (Mmm…)

-Top with maple syrup

-Add your faveorite spices (tons of pepper shown here)

-Bake the goods at 450 F for 30 minutes

And voila, amazingly delicious and incredibly healthy! Here is a link to some details about benefits of eating squash.

Bon appetit!

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